about us

we are a small team of entrepreneurs.
the main person responsible is me – steven.
i am 25 years old and from germany. i am studying international business – emerging markets.
the idea for manila came to me when i was watching a documentary about the fashion industry with my girlfriend in the evening. what was shown there was frightening. only 0.6% of the textiles produced in germany are produced sustainably. so i looked more into the topic and found out that even the sustainable fabrics currently used are not 100% sustainable. i was not satisfied with that and researched further to see if there was a fabric that was truly sustainable. i came across banana fiber – also called manila. i quickly found out that there are almost no labels that produce with this fiber. why, i asked myself. i found out that it was complicated and expensive to obtain this fiber, but not impossible! with this knowledge, i am working to finally establish a fashion brand that uses this fabric to please the environment.