let´s talk banana.

the banana fiber is extracted from the banana plant. however, no new banana plants need to be planted for this purpose, as there are already enough of these due to banana production. since banana trees have only one life cycle and therefore only produce bananas once, they are disposed of after harvesting.

this is where we come in! we want to use these banana trees for our production. this way we turn trash into high quality fashion without producing more or extra CO2.
the process to extract the fiber is complicated, but possible. without chemicals.

once this is done, you get a very tear resistant, qualitative and water repellent fiber.
at the moment we are looking for producers who are willing to do this work and process the fiber. as soon as we have achieved this, we can produce and test the first samples!

we are looking forward to it and hope that you will stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter.

Stay healthy!